The Making of a Thriller.


…in a series called “Instincts” over the summer of 2018.
After I shared two installments of the series with my Taylor Letter subscribers. It evolved into inspiration for a book.


INSTINCTS, A Thriller Series

A psychic puzzle, a time riddle until the plot unfolds…

They called her psychic.
Dr. Kate Winter?
No way.

“Psychic Solves Serial Killer Crime Spree”

…brought crazies to her inbox.
That was yesterday which Kate can’t forget. She carries the event to each crime scene.

When the party at Riverbend Road in Maryland escalated. No one was prepared for where it would lead.
A house can’t absorb the evil of those who lived inside.
Can it?

A necklace.
A memory.
The instant life changes.

Kate discovers a portal into a world beyond instincts.
It doesn’t help her solve the puzzle the night a woman fled the Riverbend Road party, and counterfeit drugs sent people to the hospital.

It won’t stop her mind from pushing the past into the present.

A moonlit night peeks in at our subconscious and the unclaimed parts of our unconscious. Where our weaknesses wait to betray us.
Light defuses the time bombs we bury while the night infuses our mind’s darkest thoughts like a detonation charge.
Driven by inner battles, we cannot help ourselves.
Memory is the first step. We torture ourselves to find our footing without it.
When we can’t, we run.

A psychic profiler, a time puzzle, a psychological ride.

When I decided to develop the thriller series Instincts(c). Floating a barely born, undeveloped idea to a group of readers familiar with my work, my newsletter subscribers, acted as a creative spigot. It wasn’t easy on my editor for the project because of the quick turnaround but for me, it was a gift.

The result is MAY BE FATAL, a novel deserving of a spot in your library and on your favorite device.

“When we listen to our inner voice, what you call your gut, it teaches us to live beyond our brain. To allow our mind to consider options. To interpret signals. The force from the universe. We sense when something is wrong before we have the facts. Our brain trains us through what we are taught and remember from elders. Our mind deduces the risk-reward quotient. It is our entry into the collective consciousness if we dare to suspend our fears and disbelief.” – MAY BE FATAL© – Taylor Marsh