THE first three chapters of MAY BE FATAL, narrated by me.

It’s different from an audiobook because of the time it takes to edit, engineer and produce an Audible version. The audiobook I did on Audible has higher engineering standards than a podcast.

I started doing podcasts over 15 years ago. Hard to believe.

Reading this book aloud is a different kind of trip than writing the story. I get closer to the characters with the telling.

The goal is to excite thriller readers.

On this launch, my ARC team, readers who volunteer to read drafts of my manuscript before it’s final proof, delivered great reviews. I hope to inspire more people to support my work and buy my books.

I’ll be sending out a survey to my readers in late March. People who subscribe to my “Letter.” I’d like as many as people as possible to weigh in on a few questions about thrillers.

This podcast introduces people to the style of this book. Supporting characters and plotlines begin. Oh… It also breaks a little book news.

What comes next is meeting Dr. Kate Winter. She’s a badass psychic profiler. A professional in her prime who can’t take the traditional route.

It began last summer with “Instincts.” A summer series for my news “Letter” subscribers.

MAY BE FATAL should be in every digital library.