HOW WELL do you (really) know yourself?

This is your only job and it will take a lifetime.

Joseph Campbell’s “follow your bliss” challenges people to look at their lives. What it doesn’t do is explain how to FIND your bliss.

There’s another wrinkle… Our so-called bliss changes.

Our choices lead to lessons learned on a pathway that is ever altering through our experiences.

We level UP. 

We level D…o…w……n.

We level back UP. Again… The cycle repeats. …and sometimes repeats and repeats.

Faith helps. Crystals do too, as do rosaries, crosses… But to conjure the Law of Attraction takes much more than a talisman…functioning brain, vibrant mind, and serious intent.

What turns the key lies inside. 

Prayer works for many, but I’ve found meditation takes the power of prayer and magnifies it times one-trillion. But once this decision is made reconciliation with organized religion is inevitable.

I started in the church, but I’ve done the deep work to disengage from this man-made architecture that works to lasso human spirit. 

The secrets I’ve learned have been in front of humans for over 2,000 years. 

It’s time to re-educate ourselves.


Sacred To Psychic: Cosmic Boot Camp – 1