There is still a gender gap in American religion. Women are less likely than men to describe themselves as religious “nones” (23% vs. 30%), and more likely than men to say they attend religious services at least once or twice a month (50% vs. 40%). But women, like men, have grown noticeably less religious over the last decade. The share of “nones” among women has risen by 10 percentage points since 2009 – similar to the increase among men. And the share of women who identify as Christian has fallen by 11 points (from 80% to 69%) over that same period.Pew Research (“In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace”)

SOMEWHERE between six and eight-years-old, a visceral image was seared into my brain that changed the trajectory of my life, although I wouldn’t realize it for decades.

It would turn out to be the first of many terrifying images and events I witnessed or experienced as a young girl.

The lesson learned was humans do terrible things to each other.

So, is it any wonder we’re experts at sabotaging ourselves?

“Sacred to Psychic” is a podcast journey of a creative life that spans decades, and resulted in liberation, and creative mastery.

We each have creative muscles, and dreams, but the fertile ground lies in our secrets. Where we’ve been harmed. When we’ve hurt others.

The sacred portal of my Christian faith has had life-altering consequences…

Once I matched the devotion from Christianity with what I’d learned from my instinctual center.

The creative force I wield is disruptive.

“Sacred to Psychic” offers no safe spaces, because the world of energy has none.

This journey doesn’t require a Magician guide, but I’m here if you want one.