According to the findings, published today as part of the Gender Social Norms Index (pdf, p. 8), only 14% of women and 10% of men are free of bias against women. This is a data point that correlates with gender inequality, the study found: Where biases against women are stronger, inequality between genders tends to be higher. (Quartz)

SPACES filled in with details improve a narrative, however, my new “Sacred To Psychic Podcast” is about disruption.

My amazing sister.

Little comfort to soothe anxiety, because it’s our friend. Our anxious moments reveal spots of fertile ground, if we do the work.

The women characters in my fiction navigate in unsafe spaces. Familiarity with shadows, and psychological traps I earned through the unbounded choices of my life.

Nothing impacted me more than my mother’s do or die intent to imprint Christianity on me.

Her campaign was relentless. Guilt, martyrdom, and all forms of psychological manipulation, which we both acknowledged was going on, were tapped. It lasted for years because I couldn’t make sense of organized religion, even as my faith deepened, and questions obsessed me.

This podcast is a process.

Explaining the creative arc of my work as I decipher the tools I’ve stumbled upon in the last years is unnerving.

I’ve worked without a net my whole life.