The most personal is the most creative.” – Martin Scorsese

Lived behind makeup all my preening life. Voyage through levels of the beauty mill as entry to create.

I’ve excelled through multiple platforms of the entertainment industry over 25 years. Third Act artistry demands more.

Transparency. Authenticity. Exposure.

Seems simple, but not for women who worked inside artistic commercial ventures to craft their own narrative.

Out of my comfort zone on my new psychological thriller. Exhilarating ride. Stepping beyond public face paint in the video reading below reveals the intense exposure of COSMIC TATTOO, the newest installment of the Dr. Kate Winter Profiler Series.

COSMIC TATTOO: A Twisted, Mind-Bending Psychological Thriller is available in print and hard cover today. The Amazon eBook is available for preorder at Amazon. Pub date is August 27.

Change has come to Dr. Kate Winter and Clay Zach.

The threat is imminent, but Kate forbids Clay’s involvement. Makes for tension and difficulty, but sometimes a woman has to handle her past alone. Doesn’t change a man’s need to protect.

A moment when life seems more precious, because someone intends to end Kate’s life. Someone close…someone from her past who knows the secrets she’s told no one.


Here’s the scoop.

A thriller based around a psychic profiler and behavioral psychologist that will stay with me for a while. This was intense, creepy, nail-biting stuff that had me gripped. I read it in one sitting. I could not put this book down. Highly recommended. – NetGalley Review

Amid the unseen world…

Psychic Profiler Dr. Kate Winter is caught between new age mysteries, astrological signposts, and a man from her past who knows secrets. Long ago… A confrontation disintegrated into a murderous end, leaving two people to deal with the carnage. He’s back to finish what was left undone.


I’m not the person you remember. Revelations during meditation opened a portal to the mysterious and the veil became a doorway. Dug and discovered a way to plumb energetic cycles to tap the law of attraction and reel in future events. Took experience a step further. Forced to embrace more than can be proven.

The mind is my specialty. How I catch killers.

What good is a premonition if I can’t peg the timing to the calendar? Kate thought.


Secrets buried deep, where Kate’s most vulnerable. Clay’s on the outside, to protect their relationship and all they’ve built.

But what happens at their new California home throws them. Who is the blonde and what’s her role? Or is she part of the plot?

Across the veil, messages are cryptic.

The test comes in the moment. Preparation fails without action.


I’ve been up close with serial murderers, which is the work. Ego reveals mania.

Last year, a clear message dropped in. Let go. Prepare.

Time to face him.

End this.