“Dr. Kate Winter is back in another riveting addition to this series. This book compelled, thrilled from the first page to the last. The past is now Kate’s present as the evil that impacted her life is back. I couldn’t read this story fast enough, even as I savoured every moment. I was glad to receive a complimentary copy of this book.” Amazon Review

BEYOND “Good Witch” and “Charmed” is my newest thriller COSMIC TATTOO, out August 27.

The path to prosperity and happiness isn’t a secret.

For Dr. Kate Winter, the road begins with meditation and starts with gratitude, which is oxygen for the soul.

Religion isn’t required.

Faith is.

This book podcast is a primer. An entry into the world of magic that exists.

The power of positive thought is important, but isn’t enough.

Visualization is critical, but doesn’t act alone.

Discovery requires trust.

No fantasy fireballs are necessary.

Gut and intuition take a human so far, but to create the life you want demands bravery.

What terrifies you is where magic manifests.

Purpose isn’t negotiable.

Enjoy the podcast!

“This book was a little slow for me in the beginning but then the thrills strongly intensified. An absolutely gripping thriller. Highly recommended and definitely a MUST read!”Amazon Review


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